Seriously? These Fancy Hotels Now Offer Glamorous Camping
Posted by admin on 18th september 2014

Glamping, that blend of luxury and camping, has caught on strong with travelers who want to have their cake and eat it, too, in such rustic locales as a safari lodge. But some upscale U.S. hotels are incorporating glamping into their services as well, offering the equivalent of having your cake, eating it, too — and then having another cake.

So if your idea of an outdoor getaway is sipping on a fresh cocktail by the beach while watching TV and lying on a fancy couch with your phone by your side and your concierge at arm’s length, you’re in luck! These hotels are going to great lengths to give you a memorable glamping experience.

central park

There would be no way to top camping in Central Park — if only it were legal. But you can camp above the park in serious luxury, for the cost of a small car. Simply book AKA’s 17th-floor penthouse suite that comes with an outdoor bedroom on the 1,000-square-foot wraparound terrace. With such a killer view of Manhattan, you may have a tough time closing your eyes to sleep on your queen-size bed with wood-burning fireplace.

Cost: The catch is that you’ll have to book the suite for an entire week, and that comes out to $11,595 (not including taxes). But hey, did you look at that view?